Gurdwara Barchha Sahib, Dhanpur

Guru Nanak Dev ji halted for some time at Dhanpur in Assam during his Udasi.

In those days it was ruled by a Queen Nur Shah of Kamrup area (Assam).

This temple was the seat of black magicians and the queen herself was a magician of repute. She was advised by Guru Nanak to renounce magic and secure happiness by repeating God's name. She realised that Guru Nanak was a representative of God as her magic failed to affect him.

She begged the Guru ji to leave some of his belongings with her as token of a memento.

The story goes that Guru Nanak left his barchha (lance) which he was carrying with him in the travel through jungles. He marked a place with his lance, where a pond was dug as desired by the Guru.

The shrine built near this site is known as Gurdwara Barchha Sahib.

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