Gurdwara Handi Sahib

Gurdwara Handi Sahib is about 20km from Takhat Harimandirji Patna Saheb.

After a short stay in Patna, Guru Tegh Bahadur made his programme for Punjab because the Hindus of Punjab were being threatened by force conversion into Islam under the fanatic policy of Emperor Aurangzeb. They were passing through a critical time. Instructions were given to Gobind Rai to reach Anandpur Saheb along with mother.

Guru Ji was 5.2 years old. People walked and reached Danapur. It was night time. Sangat of Danapur gave them a warm welcome and entertained them. An old lady whose name was Mata Jasni cooked Khichdi for Guru Ji with love and affection and put the pot(Haandi) of khichdi before Seeing all this Guru ji impressed with her. Guru ji ate the khichdi and also served khichdi to the Sangat. Jasni Mai requested him to always be here. Then Guru ji said, so long khichdi would be cooked in that Handi and would be served to sangat, you would feel my presence here. Mata ji followed the Guru ji's words and converted her house to a Dharamshala. She kept cooking the khichdi in that Handi and kept serving to sangat. So this place is known as Haandi Sahib.

Now there is a Gurdwara after this pot namely 'HANDI SAHEB'.

An annual function is held under management of Prabandhak Committee Sri Takhat Harimandirji Patna Saheb.

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