Gurdwara Manji Sahib

Gurdwara Manji Sahib is a Holy place where Mata Raj Kaur ji, wife of Baba Ram Rai ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji visited.

This Gurdwara Sahib was the residential house of Mata Raj Kaur ji.

At this place, Mata Raj Kaur ji did lot of worship and people became followers of Mata Ji.

Baba Ram Rai ji had changed a verse in Bani in order to please Emperor Aurangzeb, where in place of 'Mitti Musalmaan Di' was changed to 'Mitti Be-Imaan Di.'

Mata Raj Kaur ji was not able to bear this disrespect for Bani and left Baba Ram Rai and came to Manimajra.

Once during rainy season, beam of Mata Raj Kaur's house started to collapse. Mata ji sent one of her follower to a wealthy person Bhaara Mall for help. Bhaara Mall did not pay any attention to this. Then Mata Ji sent her follower to Garibu Jatt. Garibu Jatt cut a trunk of a Ber tree and placed it underneath the beam overnight. Mata Ji got pleased with his service of Garibu Jatt and Mata ji gave him a boon that he will become a King and Bhaara Mall will be a tenant under him.

When Guru Gobind Singh ji came from Battle of Bhangani, He visit Mata Raj Kaur's place. Guru ji spent some time with Mata ji and told her that whenever she calls for him, he will surely come for her service.

The Gurdwara is located in the Manimajra town of Chandigarh.

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