Gurdwara Bala Sahib

This Gurdwara is associated with the eighth Guru Sri Harkrishan Sahib ji and two wives of Guru Gobind Singh namely Mata Sundri ji and Mata Sahib Kaur ji.

Gurdwara Bala Sahib - south of Humayun's tomb between Mathura Road and the bed of Ring Road, is where Guru Har Krishan was cremated. The Guru was only eight years old when his end came after an attack of smallpox. A severe epidemic of Cholera and smallpox was infesting Delhi at the time, and the young Guru had been attending patients and giving them succour irrespective of their caste or creed. The Muslims of Delhi were particularly impressed with the purely humanitarian outlook of the Guru and they nicknamed him Bala Pir (Child prophet).

Hence the name of the memorial raised over his ashes. Mata Sundari and Mata Sahib Devan were also cremated here and their samadhis are also in the compound of this Gurdwara, which was first built by Sardar Baghel Singh. Its present building is a spacious flat-roofed hall with decorative arches of its front door and windows, and domed kiosks above the roof top.

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