Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tila

Gurdwara Majnu ka Tila is associated with the First Guru, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. A Muslim recluse had his hermitage at this spot on the bank of the river Yamuna. He led a lonely life of penitence and prayer. His fasts made him so thin that people called him Majnu. He met the Guru, who blessed him with enlightenment

Guru Nanak held long discourses with him and converted him to the path of balanced devotion to God rather than of renunciation and self-immolation. Majnu's hermitage thereafter became a missionary center of Sikh faith. Guru Hargobind stayed here before and after his incarceration in Gwalior Fort. The sanctum of Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla is a small room with a globular dome above and a covered passage around it.

Baisakhi festival is celebrated here. Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla is located on the banks of Yamuna River near Chandraval village.

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