Gurdwara Moti Bagh Sahib

Gurdwara Moti Bagh is associated with the tenth Guru Gobind Singh ji. In 1707 He came here to help Prince Muazzam, who sought his help in the battle of succession for the throne of Delhi.

Guru Gobind Singh ji was such a fine archer that when he shot two arrows from a colony of cobblers in Moti Bagh they hit the 'Divan' of the Prince Muazzam (King Bahadurshah). The Guru shot first arrow to announce his arrival in Delhi and the second arrow carried a chit saying, \"It is not magic but skill of archery\".

The deohri from where Guru Gobind Singh shot the arrows has been preserved and Guru Granth Sahib has been installed there as a mark of respect to the superb archery of the Guru. Even now from the top of the deohri (gate) one can see the skyline of Delhi and the Red Fort.

The Sikhs of Delhi have constructed a new Gurdwara building. But old building from where the tenth Guru shot two arrows to Red Fort is still intact. The Gurdwara Moti Bagh is situated on the Ring Road between Dhaula Kuan and Shanti Path.

Every year the anniversary of the first installation of the Adi Granth as Guru is celebrated with great enthusiasm by thousands of Sikhs at the Moti Bagh Gurdwara.

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