Gurdwara Gobindpura Sahib

Eight years old Guru Gobind Singh ji, alongwith his maternal uncle Kirpal Chand and other Sikhs was going from Lakhnaur towards Ambala city for hunting.

When they were passing through the city, the Nawab of the city Amiruddin was standing in the Garden (Gurdwara Badshahi Bagh) with his hawk.

When he saw Guruji's hawk, he was allured into ill intention.

He asked Guruji to make his hawk fight with Nawab's hawk. Guruji understood his ill intention and said, 'I shall only make the sparrows to fight your hawk'.

Hearing the same reply from Guruji second time also the Nawab got angry and said, 'Take out your sparrows.' Guruji called two sparrows sitting on a nearby tree and asked them to fight the hawk.

The sparrows tore the hawk to pieces. Guruji uttered at this place the great words,

'Chirion se mein Baaj larawn, tabhi Gobind Singh naam kahaun' I make the sparrows fight the hawk, only then i am called Gobind Singh.

Then Guruji conferred the boon whoever takes a bath here on purnima, will get his desire fulfilled.

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