Gurdwara Kapalmochan, Jagadhari

Kapal Mochan is one of the famous centres of pilgrimage in North India.

For both the Hindus and the Sikhs, it is an equally venerable place which finds a mention in Mahabharat and Puranas also.

It is stated that all the sins are washed away by taking a bath in the Sarovar here.

Dropadi and the five Pandavas also took a bath here after the battle of Mahabharat.

After the battle of Bhangani, while going back to Paonta Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji alongwith his disciples stayed here for 52 days.

During this period Guruji preached religion here and gave rewards and Saropas to the warriors who had exhibited their bravery in the battle of Bhangani.

Guruji ordered that the sanctity of this historical place should be maintained and those who show disrespect to the Sarovars, should not be spared.

As a memorial, Guruji also gave to the Mahant of Kapal Mochan as edict signed by him.

In the memory of Guruji there stands a Gurudwara near the Sarovar.

It is stated that Guru Nanak Devji also came to this place.

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