Gurdwara Neem Sahib, Kethal

After bringing deliverance to the people of Malwa, Guruji reached here from Bahir Sahib.

Guruji asked a carpenter Malla that he had to go to Kaithal and whether any of Guru's devotee lived there.

Malla repied that there are two houses of Banias and once that of a Sikh.

On reaching near Kaithal Malla, asked Guruji to which house he would like to go first.

Guruji replied, 'The house that is closeby'.

Malla took Guruji to the house of his name, sake carpenter who served Guruji whole heartedly.

Early in the morning when Guruji, after taking bath at Thandar Teerath, sitting under a tree, was reciting his daily prayer, the public, who had come to know of Guruji's arrival, gathered for Gurujis blessings.

One of them was suffering from high fever.

Guruji cured his fever by giving him the leaves of his Neem to eat and thus this place came to be known as Neem Sahib.

At the request of Banias, Guruji went to Sethaan Malla for having lunch there and after conferring the boon that Katha Kirtan would always be held at that place, Guruji came back here.

After giving Naamdaan and sermons to the congregation Guruji proceeded to village Barne after three days.

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