Gurdwara Patshahi Tenth, Bhanokheri

In his childhood, at the age of seven years, the tenth Guru Gobind Singh ji had been to his mother's paternal home at Lakhnaur Sahib.

While playing with the children there, his ball fell down here. There existed at this place a big tree under which the lepers were living.

There was also a small pond nearby. A poisonous snake also lived in the tree.

When Guru Gobind Singh ji went there, everyone forebade him not to go there because of the snake.

Paying no heed to them when Guruji went there, the snake came out and the child Guru emanicipated that snake by shooting an arrow at him.

The lepers bathed in the pond and were cured.

That cursed snake was actually a devil who was destined to achieve deliverance at the hands of the Tenth Guru.

Seeing this, the lepers also requested Guruji to rid them of their sufferings.

Guruji spoke out, 'If you bath in the pond daily, you will get rid of your leprosy.'

Then Guruji bestowed this boom, 'Whoever takes a bath in this pond with devotion, will get rid of all his diseases.'

This place is situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from Lakhnor Sahib.

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