Gurdwara Langar Sahib, Nanded

Gurdwara Langar Sahib is situated on the bank of river Godavari. This Gurudwara is situated at a little distance from Sachkhand Sahib on the bank of Godavari river.

Guru Gobind Singh ji and Emperor Bahadur Shah during their visit to South came here with his army.

At that time Guru Ji and his army halted at this place in Nanded and at this place was used to cook and serve the langar for Guru Ji's army.

Guru Gobind Singh ji before going on to his voyage to Sachkhand told the importance of langar to the sikhs and asked them to continue this in future. He himself handed over the responsibility of Sri Hazur Sahib to Bhai Santokh Singh Ji and asked him to continue the service of langar thereafter. Bhai Sahib Ji folding his hands urged to Guru Ji that how can he continue the service of langar at this place as there were no Sikhs residing there and asked from where will the cost of running langar be achieved. Guru Ji told Bhai Sahib Ji not to worry about the money and just obey his orders. Guru Ji told Bhai Santokh Singh Ji about the future and also made him believe that this place will no longer remain unknown to the Khalsa.

It is believed that in 1912 when Sant Baba Nidhan Singh Ji was sitting at Nanded Railway Station and was busy in Simran. At that moment Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave him Darshan and stopped him from going to Punjab and ordered him to go back to his ancient langar place and start the service of langar there.

Baba Ji obeyed Guru Ji's order and came to this place. With great patience and trust he started the langar service here. Langar is served here throughout the day.

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