Gurdwara Baoli Sahib

Gurudwara Baoli Sahib is situated in the market of Dabbi Bazaar in the centre of Lahore city.

One side of this Gurudwara adjoins Dabbi Bazaar, the second is adjacent to Laha Bazaar, the third opens on Kesera Bazaar and the fourth borders to stay there.

The Guru got a Baoli built there in 1599, when Guru Arjan Dev came to Lahore.

Bhai Chhajju Bhagat came along with a pathan to pay his respect to the Guru and put a bag full of 282 mohars at the feet of the Guru, requesting him to utilise the same for religious works. The Guru asked as to where this money had come from.

On this, the Bhagat narrated the story thus: 'My pathan friend gave me this bag to keep in safe custody but my accountant forgot to register this money in his ledger and by the passage of time, I too, forgot all about it. When the pathan came asking for his money, I refused to pay as my records mentioned nothing of the sort. The case was taken to the official where the pathan lost his case. But while cleaning the shop before Diwali, I found the bag. I put extra Rs.100 therein and try to return the same to my friend with apologies. But the pathan refused to take it as he had lost the case. Neither he considered that money his nor could take it as mine. That is why we have brought this amount to the Guru Darbar'. The Guru appreciated their truthfulness and started to build a Baoli with that money at this place.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1834 rendered service to this place and got a new building erected and a sarovar dug.

Shops were built on all sides as to bring revenue for the management of this shrine. He got a darwaza built near the baoli as a memorial.

Gurpurabs and Vaisakhi congregations are celebrated here.

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