Gurdwara Chakki Sahib

Gurdwara Chakki Sahib, at Eminabad is located where a large millstone was kept which was once used by Guru Nanak Dev ji.

In 1578 the Emperor Babur attacked Eminabad and captured Guru Ji with his companions and imprisoned them. The captured were given grinding mills and put to grinding corn to feed the Mughals troops. While grinding the corn Guru Ji went into contemplation and sang the glories of God. While Guru Ji sang about the creator the grinding mill continued to grind without any visible means of power, all who observed bowed their heads for surely they were in the presence of a great soul. This news was carried to the ears of Babar. Babar came down to the dungeons and waited until Guru Ji had finished singing. When his eyes met with the Guru's he folded his hands and bowed and begged forgiveness.

Babur requested that Guru Ji accompany him to his tent. Guru Ji asked Babar to release all the prisoners as they had committed no crime, and then he accompanied Babur to his tent.

The emperor offered Guru Ji refreshments but Guru Sahib replied,

'My cup is full. I have drunk the cup of my Lord's love which fills me for all time.'

'Listen O King, go and survey the scene of destruction that has been caused by your army. Take a warning from those who have defeated others. He who is victorious today may suffer defeat tomorrow. Where are those kings who ruled here yesterday? Where are those games, those stables, those horses? Where are those bugles, those clarions? Where are those who buckled on their swords and were mighty in battle? Where are those scarlet uniforms? Where are those mirrors that reflected fair faces? Where are those houses, those mansions, those palaces? We see them no longer here. O Lord, this world is Thine. In one moment, Thou create, in another moment, Thou destroy Thy Creation.'

On hearing the words of the Guru, Babur asked Guru Ji humbly 'What can I, do for you?'

'Nothing,' said the Guru 'The soul supreme Being has Himself commissioned me to spread His message of Naam, and I enjoy His grace and gifts. Those who forsake Him and attach themselves to others lose all. He makes emperors and kings, and He turns them into dust.'

Babur bowed before Guru Ji and begged for counsel for a better life.

'Be just to all, and never do injustice to anyone,'said Guru Ji. 'Never depart from the path of truth. Be merciful and forgive others as you would wish to be forgiven. Do not covert that which belongs to others. Do not sow the seeds of cruelty. He who is cruel, suffers.'

These words Babur took to heart and from then on endeavoured to be a just ruler.

Due to Guru Ji's request Babur released 11,111 other prisoners.

A fair is held here at every Vaisakhi.

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