Gurdwara Lachi Ber

Gurdwara Lachi Ber, a small, domed structure raised upon a marble paved platform near the gateway to the Harimandar, is named after the ben (jujube) tree by its side which yields small (lachi or cardamom sized) berries. According to tradition, Guru Arjan used to sit under this tree and watch the digging of the sarovar, the sacred tank. Bhai Salho, a prominent Sikh of that time, also used to relax here after the day's labour at the tank.

It is said that when Mahitab Singh Mirankotia and Sukkha Singh arrived here to have the Harimandar liberated from the control of Massa Khan Ranghar, and chastised the desecrator of the holy shrine, they fastened their horses to this jujube tree before entering the building.

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