Gurdwara Pathshahi Sixth, Malla

When the first Guru Nanak Dev ji reached Lambali village, his disciples expressed the desire to have meal.

Guruji pointing towards a saint sitting there and said, 'Get something to eat from that saint.'

The saint refused to give them the meal.

Then Guruji said, 'You like a glutton are going on eating and swelling your abdomen like a python, you should give something to others also.'

The saint understood that he was certainly the supreme saint.

His words come true. He fell on Gurujis feet and asked when he would achieve salvation.

Guruji replied when sixth Guru would come here.

When the 6th Guru Hargobind Sahib ji came here, the python came out. While everyone was frightened to see it Guruji spoke, 'Dont get afraid, he is our own Sikh and brought him emanicipation by throwing seven handfuls of earth. The earth still comes out here on every Lohari and Baisakhi day.

When the local Sikhs expressed their desire to take a bath at Amritsar Guruji said, 'your desire will be fulfilled on Diwali day, when Diwali came the Sikhs repeated their desire.

Then Guruji asked all of them to close their eyes, when they reopened their eyes, dry hollow land was full with water.

This place is situated at a distance of three kilometre at Bajakhana – Bhagata Road.

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