Gurdwara Pathshahi Tenth, Bhadaur

In the earlier days Raja Bhadrasen had got constructed a bath pool for her princess Surajkalan.

One day when the princess came for her bath she found a saint already bathing there.

She got enraged at this sight and badly abused the saint.

The saint, whose name was Bishan Das and said, 'Your tongue is like that of a she serpent.'

The princes realised that she had got the curse. She sought pardon and asked the saint when would she get the emanicipation.

The saint said that she would get deliverance at the hands of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Thereafter one day when Guru Gobind Singh ji came here alongwith some of his disciples and was having rest a she snake came to him and laid her head over Guruji's feet.

Guruji touched her head with his arrow and brought her the emanicipation.

This Gurdwara is also known as Akal Jantar.

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