Gurdwara Tutti Gandi Sahib, Mukatsar

The place was earlier knows as Khidrane ki Dhaab.

Here the forty Sikhs achieved heroic end while fighting the army of Nawab Wazir Khan. They were those very Sikhs who after giving Bedawa (no claim of being Guruji's Sikhs) had escaped from Anandpur fort after it was besieged by the Mughal Army.

When the Tenth Guru was collecting the bodies of the marturs, one of them named Maha Singh was badly wounded and was sobbing.

Guruji asked him his wish, if any.

He made a humble request to Guruji, 'My Lord, tear the Bedawa and re tie the broken knot.'

At that very moment Guruji took out from his pocket the Bedawa document and tore it off.

Thus Guruji brought deliverance to the forty Sikhs.

Since then this place came to be called as Tutti Gandi, Mukatsar.

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