Gurdwara Shadeed Ganj Sahib, Morinda

After being separated from Guru Gobind Singh ji, Mata Gujri ji, Baba Jorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji met their cook Gangu.

He took them to his village Saheri with the intentions of usurping their wealth after killing them he asked his mother to mix poison in their food.

When his mother refused to do so, he tried to steal the wealth at night but was caught by Mata Gujri ji red handed.

Gangu got enraged and with a view to taking revenge he informed the Morinda Police Station about their whereabouts.

Two policemen came to Saheri and arrested both the younger Sahibzadas and Mata Gujri ji. They brought them to Morinda and put them behind bars. From here they were sent to Sirhind.

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