Gurdwara Kachi Garhi, Chamkur Sahib

The Kachi Garhi in which Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji entered after reaching Chamkaur Sahib is now called Gurdwara Kachi Garhi Sahib.

The Mughal Army besieged the Garhi (fortress) from all sides. Even from this imperfect fortress Guruji fought a fierce battle with the heavy Mughal army and sent both the Sahibzadas Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh one after the other to fight the Mughal army.

After a large number of Sikhs had achieved martyrdom in battle, the Sikhs requested Guruji to leave the fortress in the dress of five beloved ones.

Guruji obeyed them and left the fortress.

Before leaving, Guruji adorned Bhai Sangat Singh with a Kalgi to occupy his seat here.

Then Guru ji said, 'Khalsa is the Guru, and the Guru is the Khalsa.'

Gurdwara Garhi Sahib is also known as Tilak Asthan because Guruji gave here the tilak of Gurudom to the Panth.

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