Gurdwara Katalgarh Sahib

Gurdwara Qatalgarh or Katalgarh Sahib is the main shrine at Chamkaur Sahib. This Gurdwara marks the site where hand to hand fighting took place on 7 December 1704 between the Mughal army and the Sikhs, including the Sahibzadas and three of the five Panj Pyaraes.

In this battle in 1704 two Sahibzadas, Guru Gobind Singh sons Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh died in battle at this spot.

During the battle 18 year old Baba Ajit Singh asked his father's permission to go out of the fort and fight the enemy. He said, "Dear father, my name is Ajit (Unconquerable). I will not be conquered. And if conquered, I will not flee or come back alive. Permit me to go." Guru Gobind Singh hugged and kissed his beloved son before sending him into battle where he fought heroically until his last breadth.

Baba Jujhar Singh, four years younger than Ajit Singh, having watched his brother's martyrdom, asked Guru Gobind Singh, "Permit me, dear father to go where my brother has gone. Don't say that I am too young. I am a Singh (Lion) of yours. I shall prove worthy of you. I shall die fighting, with my face towards the enemy, with God and the Guru on my lips and in my heart." Guru Gobind Singh embraced him and said, "Go my son and wed life-giving Death. We have been here for a while. Now we shall return to our real home. Go and wait for me there. Your grandfather and elder brother are already waiting for you." Thus the Guru watched his two sons achieve eternal peace through martyrdom.

The original Gurdwara constructed here, by Sardar Hardial Singh of Bela in 1831, was replaced during the 1960's by a new complex raised under the supervision of Sant Piara Singh and later of Sant Bishan Singh.

A three day fair called Shahidi Jor Mela is held on 6,7 and 8 Poh, usually corresponding with 20, 21 and 22 December, commemorating the martyrs of Chamkaur.

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