Gurdwara Darba Sahib

Tarn Taran name belonged to the sarovar means the boat that takes one across (the ocean of existence).

Gurdwara Sahib has an elegant three storeyed marble building.

Har ki Pauri, a flight of marbled steps behind the Darbar Sahib descending into the sacred pool, marks the spot where, according to tradition,Guru Arjan made the first cut as the digging started in 1590. Pilgrims go down these steps to take Charanamrit or palmsful of holy water to sip.

One of the largest of the Sikh holy tanks, it is an approximate rectangle in shape. Its northern and southern sides are 289 metres and 283 metres, respectively, and eastern and western sides 230 metres and 233 metres, respectively. The sarovar was originally fed by rain water that flowed in from the surrounding lands.

There is a Tower on the northeastern corner of sarovar built by Kanwar Nau Nihal Singh. The three storeyed tower, 34 metres high, was erected during the Kanvar's lifetime. The dome on top of it was added later.

A well, constructed by Guru Arjan is 200 metres to the south of Darbar Sahib. During the digging of the tank and continuing up to the middle of the twentieth century, Guru ka Langar functioned near here. Guru Arjan used to relax in a hut near this well, for this reason it is sometimes called Manji Sahib Guru ka Khuh.

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