Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib

Hemkunt means lake of ice. The place where the Holy shrine Gurdwara is situated discovered by Sant Sohan Singh. With the joint effort of Bhai Vir Singh, Sant Sohan Singh ji develop the site of Hemkunt Sahib. Sant Sohan Singh was accompanied by a Halvaldar called Mohan Singh who had offered his services.

Havaldar Mohan Singh after retiring from the army he dedicated his life to the service of Hemkunt Sahib.

In the early days there was no shelter on route to Hemkunt Sahib and Mohan Singh would shelter from the fierce wind and cold weather in a hollowed out tree trunk. This tree trunk still stands in the grounds of the Gurdwara of Gobind Dham.

Before this site was discovered by the Sikhs it was known locally as Lokpal, which translates to 'protector of the world'.

Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib is associated with the Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Located in the Uttarkhand Himalayas bordering Tibet and Nepal, it is accessible only between June and October when the sun and monsoon rains melt the ice.

This site is connected to the Guru's previous incarnation as the mighty warrior, Dusht Daman. According to some interpretations, the tenth Sikh Guru mentions this place in his composition Bachitar Natak which is found in the Dasam Granth.

Sikhs believe that this holy place is the tap asthan at which the tenth Guru of the Sikhs achieved union with God in his previous incarnation. From there, the Guru was summoned by God to be reborn into the world to teach the people the true path.

In this way, all three forms of the Guru - the source of spiritual guidance - are understood to be present at Hemkunt. Sikh pilgrims go there to be inspired to walk the same difficult path that the Guru walked, both in body and in spirit, and to, through the Guru's grace, realize their connection with God in the same place where the Guru realized his. At Hemkunt Sahib, Sikhs feel closer to the Guru and, through the Guru, closer to God. Gurudwara Hemkunt in the Himalayas is also regarded as one of the holiest places of the Sikhs.

In 'Bachitar Natak' the great Guru relates his story.

About his own life Guru Gobind Singh writes in his auto-biography (Srigranth p 132) as-

Now I relate my own story as to how I was brought here. While I was absorbed in deep meditation.

The site was the mountain named Hemkunt, with seven peaks and looks there very impressive. 1.

That mountain is called Sapt Shring, where the Pandavas Practised Yoga.

There I was absorbed in deep meditation on the Primal Power, the Supreme Being. 2.

In this way, my meditation reached its zenith and I became One with the Omnipotent Lord.

My parents also meditated for the union with the Incomprehensible Lord and performed many types of disciplines for union. 3.

The service that they rendered the Incomprehensible Lord, caused the pleasure of the Supreme Guru.

When the Lord ordered me, I was born in this Iron age. 4.

I had no desire to come, because I was totally absorbed in devotion for the Holy feet of the Lord.

But the Lord made me understand His Will and sent me in this world with the following words. 5.

From Bachitar Natak Composition is proves authenticity of Hemkunt Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh's do had treaty with Akal Purakh for starting a Panth but there is no mention of Dushat Daman in any composition of Tenth Nanak in Dasam Granth.

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