Early Life

Guru Amar Dass was born on 5th May, 1479 at village Basarke in Amritsar District. The name of His father was Baba Tej Bhan and mother's name was Mata Lakhmi.

He was eldest son of his parents. He had three brothers named as Baba Ishar Dass, Baba Khem Rai and Baba Manak Chand.

Bhai Gurdas was son of Bhai Ishar Dass. Baba Sawan Mal, who had made arrangements for the wooden materials for the construction of buildings at Goindwal, was the son of Baba Khem Rai.

Bhai Jassu the son of Baba Manak Chand was married to Bibi Amaro, the daughter of Guru Angad Dev. So all four brothers had very cordial relations with the Sikh Gurus.

His father Baba Tej Bhan did some farming and trade. As he was very honest in his dealings so he had a great respect in the area.

Guru Amar Dass being the eldest son was helping his father in the field of farming and trade. He also used to sit in the shop.

Though He was short stature, but He had a well built body. He was very fond of doing physical exercised since his childhood. Being working in the fields He was very healthy.

He also believed in Hindu faith with great devotion. He considered it his holy duty to recite the Vedic Mantras. He was worshiping all Hindu Gods and Godesses with great devotion.

He also had a great love and regard for the saints and mendicants. He also served them food and even provided them clothes according to their needs.

In the company of saints He also became a great devotee of God. He always remained engrossed in the recitation of the Name of God.

After the marriage of his three brothers He accepted the advice of his father and was married to Mansa Devi the daughter of Sri Devi Chand Behal of village Sankhatra District Sialkot.

Though he married at the age of 28 years, but the pair remained issueless for twelve years.

At the age of forty Bibi Dani was born. His other children were Baba Mohan, Baba Mohari and Bibi Bhani.

At the age of fifty He made up his mind to visit the holy places. He went to Hardwar for a holy dip in order to wash away the wages of sins of his life. After that it became his routine to go to Hardwar every year.

Once when he was returning back after having a holy dip in the sacred river Ganges, He met a Brahmin named Durga on the way.

When He was resting under the shade of a tree placing one leg on another, by chance Durga Brahmin saw a lotus in one foot of the Guru Amar Dass. He was astonished to see a lotus in the foot of an ordinary man.

As he was a learned Brahmin he at once understood the value of that mark of lotus.

He at once said to Guru Amardass, 'The lotus in your feet fortells that either you will be a great saint or an emperor of the world.

Guru Amar Dass saw towards Durga Brahmin and smiled. But He did not utter any word.

But Durga Brahmin bowed before the Guru and touched his feet with great reverence. When the other travelers heard the prophecy of Pandit Durga, they were very much impressed.

In those travelers there was one ascetic; who was the disciple of Baba Sri Chand. He on the spot concluded that Guru Amar Dass was a saint and he became his fellow friend. He was not taking meals cooked by others. He always cooked his meals himself.

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