Bhai Langah

Bhai Langah belonged to village Talwandi district Kapurthala. As he was lame in one leg so he was nicknamed as Bhai Langah. He daily carried a pot of cured for Guru's Kitchen. His village Talwandi was three miles away from Goindwal. But he walked this distance with his crutches.

One day when he was going towards Goindwal. It rained heavily and road leading to the town became slippery.

The head of the village Chaudhary advised him not to go to the town.

But Bhai Langah had dedicated to do his duty under all circumstances. When he walked with his crutches he slipped and fell on the ground.

Then the head of his village took away his cruthes and said, 'You have a great regard and love for your Guru, why has he not cured you of your limp?'

Bhai Langah requested the Chaudhary to return back his crutches. But he did not give back.

At last Bhai Langah took a stick and reached Goindwal with great difficulty.

The Guru was waiting Bhai Langah as he used to take breakfast with the curd of Bhai Langah. He asked Bhai Langah for his dielay.

He told the Guru that his cruches had been snatched by Chaudhary of his village. So he was forced to walk with the help of a stick.

The Guru said, 'Now we have decided that your limp must be cured. You must go to Lahore. There lives a Muslim Darvesh at the bank of river Ravi, named as Shah Hussain. He would cure your limp. After reaching there, tell him that I have sent you for the treatment of the limp. He is my friend, he would help you?'

Hearing these words of the Guru, Bhai Langah took some friends with him and reached Lahore.

There they found Shah Hussain sitting with his disciples. Bhai Langah saluted Shah Hussain and told him that Guru Amar Dass had sent him for the treatment of his lame leg.

Shah Hussain said, 'I could not understand what you mean, tell me in detail.'

Bhai Langah again said, ‘Sain ji, I am lame in one leg, it is very difficult for me to walk without crutches. But I am great devotee of Guru Amar Dass. I daily bring a pot of curd for my Master. Now He has advised me to go over to you to request for the treatment of my leg. So please cure my leg I will be very thankful to you.'

When Shah Hussain heard his story in detail he was scandalized to hear it. He at once picked up a stick and began to beat Bhai Langah.

Bhai Langah got so frightened that he ran as fast as he could. Shah Hussain also ran behind him. When he came outside the Dera he found that his leg had become all right.

He was astonished that Shah Hussain had worked a miracle. He again went back to the recluse and fell at his feet.

Shah Hussain pushing him aside said, 'Don't touch my feet. Fell on the feet of your Guru who has sent you here. He himself has cured your leg. He has only given me the credit for the treatment of your leg. Go to him and beg from him whatever you want. He has got all powers. Hundred of recluses like me are his servants.'

Bhai Langah returned back Goindwal. After paying homage to Guru he said, 'My Lord! I could not understand this enigma. When you possess all Divine Powers why have you send me to Lahore?'

The Guru smiled and said, 'Believe in One God, He is the Greatest of the Great.'

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