King Akbar Visit To Goindwal

High class Brahmins and Khatris did not like the common Kitchen of Guru Amar Dass. They wanted to discontinue that kitchen by hook or by crook.

They were branding the other castes as low castes or untouchables. They hated even their shadow so they conspired with son of Goinda Marwaha to uproot the Guru from Goindwal.

He complained to the Governor of Lahore that the Guru had usurped his land by force. The Governor himself visited Goindwal to enquire about the true facts.

But when he asked the residents of Goindwal, they told him that the city had been constructed by the Guru. Goinda Marwaha had himself given the land to the Guru to build a city.

When he visited the Darbar of the Guru he was very impressed. He found that the Guru believed in One God and people of all castes were taking meals in the common kitchen. He dismissed the appeal and reprimanded Marwaha for his false statement.

After this the Brahmins joined hand with the Santan Dharmi Hindus and complained to Akbar, was staying at Lahore.

They complained that Guru Amar Dass was amalgamating all castes and was alluring Hindus not to worship Gods. They also alleged that he was desisting the people from going to Ganga for a holy dip.

King heard their complaints and called Guru Amar Dass to Lahore to reply to the complaints.

The Guru blessed Bhai Jetha and sent him to Lahore as his representative.

Bhai Jetha reached the court and explained in detail about the principles of Sikhism.

He said, 'The Sikhs believe only in One God, so the question does not arise to worship the Gods, demigods, Goddesses or idols of stone. The Brahmins have been discriminating the castes for their own benefit.

King Akbar was very pleased to hear the befitting arguments of Bhai Jetha. He severely reprimanded the Brahmins.

On hearing the replies of Bhai Jetha, King Akbar told him that he wanted to meet the Guru.

Bhai Jetha invited King Akbar to pay a visit to Goindwal. He also assured him that he could come whenever he liked.

After few days King Akbar visited Goindwal. There King Akbar with his ministers took meals in the common kitchen like any other visitor.

King Akbar was very happy to sit with the lowest of the low and partaking of food with them.

After taking the meals, King Akbar met Guru Amar Dass and paid him a homage with great reverence. Then he sat near the Guru and had an audience with him.

The Guru informed him about the aims of the Sikhism.

King Akbar was highly impressed to hear the sermons of the Guru. He wished to grant a Jagir to the Guru for maintenance of the free kitchen.

But the Guru declined the offer and said, 'Free Kitchens are run by the devotees for the devotees. They bring the rations and they share the meals. These common kitchens never depend on Jagirs. If the ration will come from the Jagirs then these Langars would become as a property of Jagirs and it would lose its common kitchen importance.'

The Guru also advised Akbar to consider the Hindus and Muslims alike.

King Akbar was so much impressed that he used to send Rupees one lakh and twenty thousand every year at the occasion of Baisakhi.

As he was presenting that money as an offering so the Guru had to accept it.

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