Gangu Khatri

Gangu Khatri who belonged to Garh Shankar was a great businessman. He was lending money to the people of nearby villages. So the circulation of his money was very wide. He became so rich that he did not know the value of his wealth.

But who knows the Will of God? His business suddenly crumpled up and he became bankrupt.

He heard about the praise of Guru Amar Dass and he made up his mind to go to Goindwal to have a glimpse of the Guru.

But as he had become penniless, there was no money in the house to offer the Guru. There were some balls of raw sugar in his house. So he took one ball of raw sugar and reached Goindwal.

After taking meals in the common kitchen, he attended the Darbar.

There he saw that devotees were offering many precious gifts to the Guru. So he intended not the offer the ball of raw sugar to the Guru.

But the Guru was intuitive, He knew each and everything. The Guru called Gangu honorably and told him to hand over the ball of the raw sugar to him.

Gangu at once unfolded his napkin and handed over the raw sugar to the Guru.

The Guru ate some sugar himself and rest He distributed to the devotees.

Gangu felt happy. He was very impressed by the intuitive power of the Guru. He proposed to remain in the service of Guru.

Sometimes he was pressing his legs or running odd errands for the Guru.

The Guru was moved to see his selfless and sincere service. He gave him some Mohars and asked him to go to Delhi.

He said, 'Initiate your business with this money, God will help you.'

Gangu shifted to Delhi and started his business with that money given by the Guru.

By the grace of the Guru within few months he became a very rich man. He was regards as an established businessman of Delhi.

In those days there lived a devoted sikh of Guru Amar Dass. He arranged the marriage of his daughter. To accomplish the ceremony he required some money. So he reached Goindwal and requested the Guru for help.

Guru Amar Dass wrote a letter to Bhai Gangu to give fifty rupees to the Sikh. The Sikh reached Delhi and met Bhai Gangu.

He handed to him the letter sent by Guru Amar Dass.

Bhai Gangu read the letter and said, 'There is no balance in the accounts of Guru Amar Dass.'

The Sikh was grieved and upset to hear the reply of Bhai Gangu. He again returned to Goindwal and narrated the whole story of Bhai Gangu.

The Guru heard the story and promptly gave one hundred rupees to the Sikh.

After some period the business of Bhai Gangu began to decline. The business crumbled to such an extent that he became bankrupt. In order to avoid the creditors, he reached Goindwal.

Day and night, he was doing Sewa in Guru Darbar, but he was not able to show his courage to come in front of Guru ji.

After several months, one day Guru ji called him and narrage all the story to the Sangat and forgive him for his guilty.

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