Merge Into Supreme Light

When the Guru felt that his end was drawing near then He thought about the selection of a competent inheritor.

All the Sikhs were of the view that this responsibility would be entrusted either to Bhai Rama or Bhai Jetha. Both were sons-in-law of the Guru.

Though the Guru knew it very well that Bhai Jetha was the right choice but still He wanted to give them a test to dispel the doubts of the Sikhs.

One day the Guru sent for Bhai Rama and Bhai Jetha to construct two platforms for the Satsang.

They were allotted two different places for the construction of the platforms. They agreed and both prepared the platforms by the evening. Both asked the Guru to check the platforms.

The Guru went there and after inspecting the platforms said, 'These are not according to measurements which I had told you. Demolish these platforms and construct again according to my instructions.'

The next day both again constructed the platforms very cautiously; keeping in view the instructions given by the Guru.

But when the Guru saw the platforms, He told them the construction was very poor. He again instructed them to demolish the platforms and prepare the new ones.

This course of action of making and demolishing the platforms continued for seven days.

On the eight day the Guru after inspecting the platform prepared by Bhai Rama asked him to demolish.

When Bhai Rama heard these words of the Guru he lost his temper. He said, 'I have prepared this platform according to your directive and ruling, I will not efface it now.

The Guru examined the platform raised by Bhai Jetha ji. The Guru discarded that platform also and advised Bhai Jetha to dismantle the raised level surface.

Bhai Jetha bowed before the Guru and said, 'My Lord! I am weak in manual dexterity: gift me alertness and aptitude so that I may be able to prepare the platform according to your command and desire.'

Hearing these words the Guru felt very happy. He had found the proper person to lead the Sikhs.

He declared that according to the tradition, the leadership of Sikhs must go to the deserving person. Today I bestow this honor on Bhai Jetha (Ram Dass).

He called Baba Budha and all other prominent Sikhs to attend the ceremony.

After taking bath Guru Ram Dass wore new clothes. Then he was asked to sit on the throne. Baba Budha applied the Tilak on Guru Ram Dass forehead and spiritual kingdom passed on the fourth Guru. Then Guru Amar Dass bowed before him.

After few days Guru Amar Dass told his family that the time had come to merge into the Supreme Being. He advised his family and devotees not to weep on his death.

After that the soul of the Guru had merged into the Supreme Light.

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