Construction Of Goindwal

There lived a tradesman, whose name was Goinda. He had a large piece of land near river Beas. But being a businessman he had to go in other countries also. Once when he went abroad, his relatives usurped his land.

At last he filed a suit and also vowed that if he won the case then he would give half piece of the land to Guru Angad.

By God's Grace, he won the suit and transferred half piece of land in the name of Guru Angad. Then he made up his mind to colonize a town in this land. He employed masons and laborers and started to construct the buildings according to his plan.

But his enemies who had lost the case, used to demolish the buildings. They also circulated a rumor that ghosts were living at that place and they were demolishing the houses. Such happenings made Goinda a disheartened and disgusted man.

At last he came to Khadur Sahib and met Guru Angad. He told him the whole story. He requested the Guru for help.

The Guru accepted his request and assured him that He himself would make all arrangements for the construction of a new town.

He called for his eldest son Baba Dassu and advised him to go along him for the construction work.

But Baba Dassu declined to go with him saying, 'Why are you sending me at such a place which is the abode of ghosts and evil souls. Khadur is our home town and we are living here happily.'

Then the Guru sent for Baba Dattu his younger son but he also did not agree.

Guru Amar Dass was also sitting there, the Guru asked him to accompany Goinda. The Guru game him a stick and advised him to start the construction of the town from the eastern side.

Guru Amar Dass took the stick and along with few other Sikhs marched towards Beas. Reaching there they started the construction of the buildings from the eastern side.

When the Sikhs of area came to know that Guru Angad was constructing a new city near Beas they flocked towards that place in order to help the builders.

Hundreds of masons, laborers and Sikhs were staying there at night. So enemies of Goinda could not dare to demolish the buildings. People thought the ghosts and evil souls had left that place due to Guru's grace. Goinda arranged for the building material.

After constructing buildings in the land of Goinda, Guru Amar Dass also constructed inns and houses for the residence of Sikhs on that land which Goinda had offered to Guru Angad. They also built shops and bazaars for the outsiders and presented free to the needy persons.

So within few months at the barren land of Goinda a beautiful city was raised. On the name of Goinda the city was named as Goindwal.

When Guru Angad found that city had become fit for residence, He asked Guru Amar Dass to bring his family at Goindwal.

Guru Amar Dass went to his village Basarke and asked his family to shift to Goindwal. They agreed and even his younger brothers and their families also shifted to Goindwal. But while staying at Goindwal Guru Amar Dass did not abandon his services towards Guru Angad.

When the Sikhs heard the Guru Amar Dass had shifted to Goindwal, they started going to Goindwal for an audience with the Guru. As the number of devotees was increasing day by day so the Guru planned to construct more houses and inns.

But though other construction material was available, there was scarcity of wooden material.

One day the Guru sent for his nephew Sawan Mal and handing to him a handkerchief, advised him to go to Raja Hari Chand of Haripur to make arrangements for the wooden building material.

Baba Sawan Mal took his horse and rode towards Haripur State. When reached the city he found that residents of the state were observing Ikadashi fast. No edible material was available there.

Bhai Sawan Mal was feeling very hungry. So he himself gathered some dry wooden sticks and baked some loaves.

But a spy informed the Raja that on the holy day of Ikadashi fast, an outsider had lighted fire and cooked meals. The Raja was enraged to hear this. He at once ordered to arrest that man.

But if on one hand Bhai Sawan Mal was arrested, on the other hand the son of Raja fell seriously ill. All royal vaids were called, but they were unable to control the disease.

Then Raja sent some soldiers to free the outsider and to bring him in his palace with honour. When Bhai Sawan Mal reached the palace, the Raja told him about the condition of his son.

Bhai Sawan Mal smiled and said, 'You should not worry, send these vaids outside, your son needs no medicine.'

Then he went near the child and took out the handkerchief. Taking the handkerchief in his hands, he rubbed the face of child with it. The child at once became hale and healthy. There remained no sign of illness.

The Raja and queens became very happy and they asked about the where abouts of Bhai Sawan Mal very impatiently.

Bhai Sawan Mal told them that he was disciple of Guru Amar Dass, who was third Guru Nanak. He informed them that his mission to come to state of Haripur was to supply wooden building material to Goindwal. Raja Hari Chand was very pleased to hear it.

He said, 'My friend! State of Haripur has such trees in abundance. I would be very lucky to supply such wooden material to Goindwal. I would make such arrangements in my own supervision within few days.

One day the Raja said, 'If a disciple of Guru possesses such supernatural powers, how great would the Guru be, I want to have a glimpse of your Guru. Please tell me on which day I can attend his Darbar, 'Bhai Sawan Mal said, 'The doors of his Darbar are always open. You can meet him whenever you like.'

Hearing this Raja made up his mind to go to Goindwal next day. He took his all Queens and maids and set out for Goindwal.

When they reached Goindwal, the Sikhs advised them that queens should wear simple dresses and no one should veil her face.

When Raja and Queens went inside to pay homage to the Guru, one Queen veiled her face.

When the Guru saw one Queen concealing her face, He said, 'Who is this insane, who does not know the discipline of the house of the Guru and has come covering her face. If she was reluctant to see me, why has she come here?'

When that Queen heard those words of the Guru, she lost her senses and became insane. She at once returned back and ran away towards the forests. The servants of Raja and Sikhs searched her for many days but they failed to find her anywhere.

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