The Hypocrite Ascetic

In those days at Goindwal there lived an ascetic named Hari Ram. He belonged to Marwaha Khatri dynasty. He was very proud of his high caste. So he was against the tradition of common kitchen established by the Guru.

He was preaching the people that Guru Amar Dass was an atheist and he was annihilating the true religion he was stressing that even the people of low castes were taking meals sitting with high class Khatries and Brahmins.

He advised the high class families not to take meals in the kitchen. Instead he said that they should be united to discontinue such a common kitchen.

Due to his preaching some Khatries and Brahmins rose against this tradition and they boycotted to take meals in that kitchen.

The Guru knew very well the low status of the ascetic. He declared that those people belonging to high castes if would share meals in his common kitchen must be rewards rupees one as religious offering.

Hearing this declaration many men of high castes came to take meals in the common kitchen. But ascetic did not turn up.

After this the Guru again declared that those people belonging to high castes who would take meals in his common kitchen must be rewarded rupees five as religions offerings.

This time number of Khatries and Brahmins increased considerable, but ascetic remained absent.

The Guru understood that the hypocrite ascetic would not attend his kitchen for such small amount of rewards. So he made an announcement that those Khatries and Brahmins who share meals in the common Kitchen, would be given one gold Mohar as offerings.

When the ascetic heard this declaration, he could not resist. He made up his mind to take meals in the common kitchen.

But he was afraid that Khatries and Brahmins would disregard him for this act. But it was very difficult for him to lose one gold Mohar. So he decided to send his son to take the meals.

All the people of low and high castes knew him very well. So he asked his son to enter the hall by jumping over the outside wall. He helped his son in climbing the wall.

But while climbing, his son fell from the wall and was injured. But he did not care about his injury. Tolerating the great pain in his leg, he entered the hall and sat along with other devotees.

All the devotees were amazed to see him. Though his leg had been broken, but he took meals peacefully as nothing had happened.

When all the devotees took their meals according to their satisfaction, a representative of Guru Amar Dass came and he distributed the Mohars to all Khatries and Brahmins.

When that man came in front of son of ascetic he said, 'Welcome! Welcome! The son of great ascetic Hari Ram has come in our common kitchen. Where is Tapa Hari Ram, why he hasn't come?'

All the devotees heard the words of the representative very carefully. There were also sitting some Marwaha Khatries. They took it as a great disgrace.

They went to the house of Hari Ram and said, 'You are a great hypocrite, you were preaching us that Guru Amar Dass has been annihilating the true Dharma of high class Hindus. But when he offered one Mohar for sitting in the common kitchen for taking meals, you have sent your son. Where has gone your dynasty now. In order to get one Mohar you have got broken the leg of your son. You are a hypocrite ascetic and we all hate you. We forsake you forever.'

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