Bhai Paaro Julka

There were many devoted Sikhs of Guru Amar Dass. Under all circumstances they were attending the Darbar of the Guru daily. Among such Sikhs was Bhai Paaro.

Bhai Paaro was a very faithful and reliable sikh. He belonged to village Dalla, District Kapurthala. He daily came to Goindwal by crossing river Beas.

One day when he reached the bank of river Beas, he saw that the flood was in full swing. The water was flowing in a very dreadful manner.

At one high place, he saw the Subedar of Jalandhar Mr Abdula camping with his army. He was waiting for normal conditions.

But when Bhai Paaro came he did not care for the flood or rashness of water. He uttered the Name of the God and striked the horse with his heel. The horse quickly jumped into the river and within few minutes crossed the river.

Subedar Abdula was astonished to see such an act of bravery. Though he considered himself very active and brave, but he could not dare to throw himself in the horrible waves of river Beas.

In the evening Bhai Paaro returned back and reached the place where Subedar Abdula was camping. When Subedar Abdula saw Bhai Paaro coming back hale and healthy he was forced to address him.

He said, 'Please tell me who is your Guru, by whose grace you had crossed the river and even returned back without caring about the condition of the flooded river. While crossing the river, there was no sign of alarm on your face.'

Bhai Paaro said, 'The name of my true Guru is Guru Amar Dass. He had been providing the spiritual guidance to his Sikhs. He is the third Guru Nanak. I am his devotee and I daily go to serve him. He has invoked in me such a power that I have become fearless. When I remember him, my all fears vanish. While reciting his hymns in my mind, I reach my destination without any hindrance.'

Subedar Abdula forgot about his position. He became a figure of politeness. In a very sweet voice he said, 'Can I have the glimpse of your Guru?'

Bhai Paaro told him that he could not meet him as a Subedar. First he should change himself into an ordinary man. Subedar Abdula at once transferred the command of the army to his son.

He took his horse and asked Bhai Paaro to accompany him. Bhai Paaro agreed and both threw their horses into the flooded river. They reached Goindwal, Subedar Abdula met Guru Amar Dass and was very much pleased to see Him. He was so impressed by the spiritual personality of the Guru that he determined to stay at Goindwal for good.

He was always reciting the words, 'Allah Tu Hai, Allah Tu Hai', perceiving his such a great love with Allah he was nicknamed as Allah Yaar.

Afterwards he became a learned Sikh preacher and Guru Amar Dass appointed him a preacher of one of the twenty two preaching centres of India.

Guru Amar Dass considered Bhai Paaro his most beloved Sikh.

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