As You Sow So Shall You Reap

Goindwal developed to be a big city. The people of the area had a great respect for Guru Amar Dass.

Thousands of people from near and far were coming to pay homage to the Guru. People of all castes and creeds were settling at Goindwal.

But the people of Khoja Caste settled in large number. These people were worshipper of Sakhi Sarwar and in those days they were in majority in that area. Generally these people were petty businessmen and they were optimistic about the advancement of their business.

When the Khojas saw that even Muslims were embracing Sikhsim they turned against the Guru. They were troubling the Sikhs by one way or the other. They wanted to show the Guru that they were more powerful.

When the Sikhs were going to fetch water for their daily use they used to break the pitchers.

When the Sikhs complained to the Guru about their behavior, the Guru advised them to bring the water-bags of leather.

But Khojas were piercing the bags with their arrows. So the Khojas became more arrogant.

When the Sikhs again requested about the misbehaviour of the Khojas, the Guru told them to bring metallic pitchers. But they began to throw stones on the metallic pitchers.

When the Sikhs again complained to the Guru, He said, 'Don't worry, one day they would reap what they are sowing.'

One day a group of ascetics came to visit Goindwal. They camped near the Darbar Hall. When they were resting the Khoja boys began to throw stones on them.

The ascetics were in great number and they were equipped with their sticks. They at once caught boys and hitting with their sticks gave them a sound beating.

The Khoja boys had never thought that they would get such a harsh beating. After that incident there prevailed a complete peace in Goindwal. After a month they again became mischievous.

In those days royal treasure loaded on mules passed through Goindwal. As they were feeling tired, officer incharge decided to stay at Goindwal for one night. They stayed in one inn.

But in the evening stormy wind blew with a great speed and they lost their one mule along with the bag of rupees. When in the morning they counted the mules they found that one mule was missing.

The officer incharged became worried. He knew very well that he would not only be thrown out of service but would also be fined. He at once asked his companions to search the mule.

But when the soldiers were searching the mule, they heard the voice of the mule, who being alone was braying for her follow mules. They at once marched towards that place and found the mule in the house of a Khoja. He had hidden the bag of money in his house and the mule was closed in one dark room.

When the officer was informed about it, he was so enraged that he asked to bring all Khojas in front of him. The officer asked his soldiers to beat the Khojas in such a harsh way that they might not be able to walk again.

Some Khojas even died with the severe punishment of the soldiers. The officer asked the remaining Khojas to be handcuffed and took them with him to Delhi.

The Khojas which remained in Goindwal left the city and went to nearby villages.

Goindwal was freed of Khojas.

The words of the Guru proved true, 'As you sow so shall you reap.'

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