To break open the back wall

The Guru Amar Dass was so much loved by his devotees that they were daily going to Goindwal for an audience.

But the younger son Baba Daatu of Guru Angad could not tolerate it. So he took some of his followers and went to Goindwal to lay violent hand on Guru Amar Dass. He reached Goindwal and was amazed to see the splendor and attendance of the congregation.

In a fit of rage Baba Daatu kicked the Guru in the back, making him fall of the throne and himself occupied his seat.

Instead of getting annoyed the Guru held Daatu's foot and caressing it said, 'I fear your foot is not hurt by hitting my old bones which have become stiff due to long service.'

Baba Daatu sat on the throne with great confidence. But within minutes the whole congregation left that place and went to their abodes. Baba Daatu was perplexed. There remained his few followers who had come with him.

At last Baba Daatu collected that money which the devotees had offered to Guru Amar Dass and returned to Khadur Sahib.

But at a little distance from Khadur Sahib he was stopped by robbers and they looted all that he had taken from Goindwal. They beat him so severely that he got broken his one leg.

Next day, Guru Amar Dass took his mare and left Goindwal and went to his ancestral village Basarke and shut himself in a small room. He wrote a notice on the door saying, 'He who tries to open this door is no Sikh of mine, nor am I his Guru.'

At Goindwal next day early in the morning when one of the Sikh Bhai Baloo went to the room of Guru Amar Dass for helping him in taking bath, he found that the Guru was not there. When he went to the stable he also found mare of the Guru missing.

Many days passed but the Guru did not return back. At last they thought a plan. They met Baba Budha and requested him for help. They knew that Guru Nanak had blessed Baba Budha with a boon that the Guru would be never away from him.

Baba Budha said, 'Bring the mare of the Guru.'

The mare was brought at once.

Baba Budha said, 'Let loose the mare and follow here, she will lead you to the hiding place of the Guru.'

The Sikhs untied the rope of the mare. Then they all followed the mare. As was told by Baba Budha the mare led them to that place where Guru Amar Dass had hidden himself.

But when they touched the door they read the instructions written on the door, 'He who tries to open this door is no Sikh of mine, nor am I his Guru.'

They all returned and informed about it to Baba Budha.

Baba Budha smiled and said, 'You should not worry about it. We are only disallowed to open the door, but we can break and open the back wall to enter into the room. The Guru has not written any instruction to not break open the back wall.'

They dug a big opening, Baba Budha and companions entered into the room one by one. They found that the Guru was sitting in trance, contemplating on the Name of God.

After some time the Guru opened his eyes and seeing some Sikhs sitting before him said, 'How you dared to enter the room you have not read the instructions written on the door.'

Then Baba Budha said, 'We have read the instructions, but we have not opened the door, we have entered inside the room from the behind wall, we have come here to request you that Guru Angad had tied us to your apron. You were asked by him to show us the way. Now where should we go if you are not going to lead us?'

The Guru was moved to hear the words of Baba Budha. He agreed to go with them.

He mounted the mare and reached Goindwal.

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