Construction of Baoli

In those days the Guru felt that the number of devotees coming to Goindwal had significantly increased. But there was scarcity of water. There was only one well in the town. So in order to fulfil the intensifying demand of water the Guru decided to dig a step-well.

The Guru also wanted to provide Sikhs a holy place where they could have a holy dip.

The Guru also arranged a common kitchen where people of all castes could take meals without discrimination.

The construction work for digging the step well started. The devotees worked with great enthusiasm. A step-well (Baoli) is a sort of open water reservoir with steps reaching the water.

The Sikhs worked hard and all steps were constructed. When Baoli was dug deep enough to strike water, they found that there was a rock which checked their further progress.

All the workers came out of the well and requested the Guru for advice.

After visiting the place himself the Guru said, 'There is big rock under the base of the well. Until this rock is not blasted the water would not gush up. So now our first task is to blast this big slab. But I fear while blasting, the water would gush up with such a great force that it will rise up within moments. The man who does so would be overpowered by the gashing water and it is also possible he might be drowned.'

When the devotees heard these words of the Guru they looked at one another. Who could take such a risk?

But a brave son of Vairowal Sri Manak Chand at once volunteered himself to go down the step-well to break the slab. The Guru handed over Sri Manak Chand a big hammer and blessed him that he would be successful in his mission. Sri Manak Chand took the hammer and went down the Baoli.

He struck the slab with such a great force that the rock cracked and water gushed up with such a force that Sri Manak Chand was overpowered and drowned.

But by Guru's grace soon he appeared out of the water and using the steps came out of the well.

It is said that Guru declared that whosoever recites Japji once at every step would be free from the cycle of eighty four lakh births and deaths.

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