Prema The Leper

In village Khaari District Lahore, there lived a leper named Prema. Being a patient of leprosy his parents and friends deserted him. Nobody dared to touch him.People were throwing food before him from a distance.

One day he heard about the praise of Guru Amar Dass. He determined to go to Goindwal. It was very difficult for him to walk. But his will power helped him to achieve the destination.

He reached the Darbar Complex but he did not dare to meet the Guru. The devotees were providing him the food according to his need. He was not deemed as untouchable there. All Sikhs were helping him. He was listening to the hymns of the Gurus with great love.

One day a Sikh narrated the story of Prema Leper to Guru Amar Dass, the Guru at once asked that Sikh to take Prema at that place where the Guru himself used to take bath in the morning. The Guru also asked one Sikh to bring new clothes for Prema.

Then the Guru himself reached there. He asked Prema to sit on the wooden plank. The Guru himself poured curd and water on the head and body of Prema.

The people were amazed to see that after taking bath Prema was cured of leprosy. He transformed to be a healthy, active and handsome young boy.

The Guru asked him to wear the new clothes himself. All were enjoying seeing his new profile and appearance.

Then the Guru declared, 'From today Prema is my son and his name is Murari. After transmigration Murari was replaced Prema. Now he has become sinless, defect less and free from all diseases.'

Then the Guru addressing the congregation and said, 'Is there any Sikh ready to marry his daughter to my son Murari?'

In the congregation a devoted Sikh named Shihan was also sitting.

He stoopd up and said, 'My Lord! I am ready to marry my daughter Matharo to Murari. But wife of Shihan was also sitting there.

She came near the Guru and said, 'My Master! My husband has lost senses. I don't approve this engagement. Who knows to which caste, creed, lineage, parentage and pedigree belongs this young man? I don't want to defile and corrupt the life of my daughter?'

The Guru said, 'He is my son, so he belongs to my caste and parentage. The relation of Matharo – Murari is from the primitive time. So you should not object and rebut. I will myself arrange the marriage.'

The wife of Shihan felt happy and bowing before the Guru said, 'My Lord! You are intuitive, do whatever you like.'

After that Guru arranged the marriage of Matharo and Murari. They both were made preachers of Sikhism and out of twenty two Manjis. They were also allotted one Manji to spread the message of Guru Nanak.

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