Bhai Sachansach

One Sikh named Sachansach was a great devotee of the Guru.

Once disease of dropsy afflicted him in such a way that neither could he cure himself nor other physicians were competent to get him relieved of that dreadful disease.

Once he came to Goindwal with other devotees. He also paid homage to the Guru. While paying homage, when he touched his head with the shoes of the Guru, he was cured of the affliction.

It was a great miracle for him. He was so much fascinated by the grace and spiritual power of the Guru that he decided to stay at Goindwal for good.

He always remained at the service of the Guru. For the common kitchen he was bringing dry sticks of wood. He always uttered the word Sachansach. So he came to be known as Sachansach.

One day when he was going to forest to cut the trees, somebody caught him from behind with such a force that it became for him very difficult to get himself relieved from that strong grip. His axe fell down and the rope entangled his legs.

When he unfettered himself with great force he saw a mad girl standing before him. She was laughing like mad persons. When he advanced towards her she ran away and vanished in the forest.

On that day Sachansach returned back without sticks. It became a herculean task for him to cut even a branch of a tree. Reaching Goindwal he met the Guru and narrated him the whole story.

The Guru said, 'That is same Queen who attended the Darbar with a covered face.'

Sachansach spent that night thinking about the Queen. He was seeking a solution to cure her.

At last he remembered that episode when he was cured of his horrible diseases by even touching his head with the shoes of the Guru.

He concluded that if the queen would touch the shoe of the Guru she could gain sanity. But it was not possible to bring that queen in the Darbar of the Guru.

So he got up early in the morning and met the Guru. He requested him to give him one wooden shoe so he might cure the insanity of the Queen.

The Guru smiled and gave one wooden shoe to Sachansach.

Taking that wooden shoe with him he entered forest and began to search the Queen. At one place by chance he saw the queen. But when the Queen saw her, she ran away.

He followed her and touched her with that wooden shoe. He was another miracle.

The Queen stopped and feeling ashamed began to see towards her torn clothes.

Bhai Sachansach asked her to follow him, she came with him and he took her in front of the Guru.

The Guru asked lady devotees to take her with them for bath. He also gave them beautiful clothes for her. When she came back after taking bath and wearing new clothes, she looked very beautiful.

The Guru married to her to Sachansach. The Guru also gave them the second wooden shoe so that they might understand the secret of married life they lived very happily there. She had a great respect for Sachansach who had given her the new life.

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