Early Life

Bhai Lehna ji who later on came to be known as Shri Guru Angad Dev ji, was born on March 31, 1504 at Matte Di Saraan, tehsil Mukatsar, District Ferozpur. His father Pheru Mal was well educated. He was working as an accountant of a Muslim ruler. He was respected by the people of his area due to his good behavior and sweet nature. Due to his good conduct, his house was a centre of all types of needy persons. He always helped the poor people.

The people of the village felt very happy when they heard news of the birth of Bhai Lehna. They came in the house of Bhai Pheru Mal to congratulate him.

Bhai Pheru Mal was a religious man. He was a great devotee of Goddess Durga. He had made it his mission to go to Jawala Mukhi Temple every year. He had also established one idol of Durga Maata in one room of his house. There devotees used to sing songs in praise of Durga Maata.

In order to celebrate the birth of Bhai Lehna, the devotees came in large number. They sang songs in praise of Durga Maata. On seeing the beautiful child all were thanking the Goddess.

As a child Bhai Lehna seemed different from other children. Bhai Pheru Mal provided good education to his son. He arranged well qualified teachers to teach him Persian, Sanskrit and Arithmatic.

When Bhai Lehna was sixteen years Bhai Pheru Mal decided to get his son married. Bhai Lehna was married in village Sanghar near Tarn Taran in Amritsar District.

After sometimes the relations between Bhai Pheru Mal and the Muslim ruler became strained. Then Bhai Pheru Mal shifted to village Sanghar. At Sanghar he ran a shop and soon he became a great businessman.

While residing at village Sanghar Bhai Pheru Mal continued his routine of visiting Jawala Mukhi Temple. Sometimes Bhai Lehna also accompanied him. He also became a devout follower of Durga Maata.

After the death of his father Bhai Lehna led the Jatha of pilgrims of the village to the Temple. But though he had been converted a great devotee of Durga Maata, in his inner mind he was not fully satisfied. He felt something was wanting. He was in search of a truth that could provide him peace.

One day when he went to take bath in village tank, he heard a sacred hymn which sounded very sweet to his ears. He rushed towards that side from where the sound of hymn was coming. He had never heard such a sweet song.

He was feeling proud of being a worshipper of Goddess Durga. He used to sing the songs in praise of Durga. Those songs seemed him worthless. He had gone to pay homage to Durga Maata several times. But he had never attained himself with the ultimate truth. But the voice coming from the pond was filling him with everlasting joy.

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