In those days at Khadur Sahib lived a rich man named Choudhary Jawahar Lal. He was very fond of wine,so he was called as Maluka, the Drunkard.

When the glory of Guru radiated far and wide, Maluka could not bear this and he began to speak against the Guru.

Sikhs from all over India were coming to meet the Guru. As he always remained drunkard so many times he abused his followers.

Whenever the devotees of the Guru informed about this to Guru Angad, He always advised them saying, 'You should not care about such a man. Always live in the Will of God. If one man does bad deeds you should not follow him. God is omnipotent and He knows deeds of all. What a man sows so he reaps. If he abuses you don't try to hear or answer him.'

Due to over drinking, Maluka became a patient of epilepsy. The disease troubled and afflicted Maluka very much. The people of the village advised Maluka.

They told him, 'Guru Angad is a great Saint. You are always criticizing and abusing him. So this disease has been formenting. But the Guru is always merciful and generous. All diseases vanish even if you have a glimpse of the Guru. Whosoever touches His feet finds the everlasting joy and gets salvation.'

Maluka accepted the advice of the people and he made up his mind to have a meeting with the Guru.

One day he met the Guru and told him about his troublesome disease. Guru heard his story and blessed him.

The Guru said, 'When you renounce drinking, this disease will quit you the same day.'

Maluka accepted the advice of the Guru gladly and he stopped drinking wine. The disease of epilepsy also vanished on the same day. He became hale and healthy. He was relieved from the fits of epilepsy. He also became a Sikh of the Guru and began to serve the pilgrims.

There also lived a Tapa who used to talk against the Guru.

When he came to know that Maluka had renounced drinking and had become a Sikh of Guru, he became very sad.

One day he went to the house of Maluka and said, 'Choudhary Sahib! Wine has no connection with the fits of epilepsy. I have studied all the diseases very well and I can cure all the complicated diseases. You are the Choudhary of this area. You are free to eat or drink whatever you like. So you should eat meat and drink wine according to your will. These edible things would not affect your health. You should not be afraid. The guru has no power to harm you.'

Due to heavy drinking, Maluka had lost control over his mind. The advice of Tapa changed his mind and he started drinking again.

One day he became so heavily intoxicated that he lost control on himself and fell from the roof of his house. He died then and there.

When the Guru heard about the death of Maluka He advised His followers to recite those hymns of Guru Nanak, which are known as ‘Alahins'.

He also advised the devotees to renounce such bad habits. 'We should beware of intoxication. Drug addiction is very bad.'

Guru Nanak has said, 'We should not eat such delicacies which trouble our body and mind. We should eat very simple food.'

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