Hemu Bania

Hemu Baania was a faithful minister of Delhi King Salem Shah. He was very clever, deceitful, crafty and cunning.

Once he came to know about Guru Nanak Dev ji. His servants told him that his successor Guru Angad Dev lived in village Khadur Sahib.

One of his servants who belonged to Punjab said, 'Guru Angad possesses great miracle powers and to whom he blesses, his all desires are fulfilled.

Hemu Baania felt very happy and he said, 'It is not very difficult to please the Pirs Faqirs. I would offer him some villages as a gift and in return he might bless me.'

He took his followers and reached Khadur Sahib. He had covered a long distance so he was feeling hungry and tired. He saw there the Langar of the Guru. He called one sewak of the Langar and asked him to prepare fresh meals for them. He also advised him to prepare special vegetables. He informed the sewak that he would pay the cost of the meals. He offered few gold coins to the sewak.

But Head of Langar at once intervened and said, 'This is the Langar of the Guru. It is not a hotel or Sarai. Here special meals are not prepared. We have to eat whatever is prepared in Langar. You should also know that it is a free kitchen. The cost of the meal is never taken. If you want to take prepared meals then you all should sit in a row and we would serve you amicably.'

When Hemu heard these words of sewak he was enraged. He ordered the servant rudely, that he wanted to see the Guru at once. But the servant said politely that the Guru had been meditating on the Name of God inside the Darbar Hall. He would come out at proper time.

Hearing these words Hemu cried loudly and said, 'You don't know I am Prime Minister of the King of India. I can do whatever I like. The royal army and treasure is under my command.'

But Sikhs did not care about the greatness of Hemu.

At proper time when Guru came outside, the Sikhs informed him about Hemu. Though he had come to get blessings of the Guru, but he was so conceited that he did not bow before Guru.

Instead he talked about his greatness and said, 'I am Prime Minister of the King of India Salem Shah, and had come here to offer you ten villages so that you may not face any difficulty in running the free kitchen.'

But the Guru replied, 'Mr Hemu these free kitchens are not depending on grants given by feudal lords. Please keep these lands with you. Today you are the owner of this land; God knows who will be the master of this land tomorrow? Such properties never accompany a man in the next world. Those who praise the God and always obey His orders get honor in the next world.'

Hearing these words Hemu became cool and peacefully requested the Guru to accept ten villages. He had also brought local revenue officer with him to transfer ten villages in name of the Guru. But the Guru declined and Hemu returned back to delhi.

Though Hemu Baania could not win over the Guru, but at any cost he wanted to become the King of India.

To fulfil his mission he left no stone unturned. First he adopted Muslim religion, then baptising Hinduism he became the king of India under the name of Bikramjit.

But after few months he was defeated in the second battle of Panipat. There he was killed just like a dog by Bairam Khan the General of King Akbar.

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