Gusaai Dev Giri

In those days Gusaai Dev Giri reached Khadur Sahib. He attended the Darbar of Guru Angad Dev.

He was astonished to see the service of the Sikhs. He saw the free kitchen where all were served meals without distinction of caste and creed. He heard the Divine Hymns of Guru Nanak sung by Sata and Balwand.

After the recitation of Divine Hymns the Guru used to address the congregation and guided His Sikhs to adopt the right way of living. The Guru was also teaching the devotees the hidden meanings of the Hymns.

He was so influenced that he made up his mind to donate all the earnings of his life.

One day when he saw the Guru sitting in a light mood, he presented a small box to the Guru.

He said, 'This box contains some mercury, if we rub copper with this mercury, then copper turns into gold.'

When some Sikhs doubted at the truth of Gusaai, he called a goldsmith and goldsmith certified about the authenticity of the gold. Then Gusaai requested the Guru to accept his box.

But the Guru smiled and said, 'Gusaai! We should not change copper into gold instead we should change our minds. We should control our minds. If we become successful in conquering our minds, then we get all precious things of the world. But if we run after the money, the race never ends. The lust of getting more and more increases on. You must have heard about Hemu Baniaa. He had a great lust of becoming the King of India. But he died the death of a dog. We have become toys in the hands of ego, lust, sex, wrath and affection. We should take care of these worldly attachments. We should always keep in mind that God is the only creator; we are nothing if we try to create something, we cannot create. So we should attach ourselves with the Name of God. God's Name is greatest of all. We are not running kitchens for profits. These has been started only to clear and clean the mind of people. Here people of all castes are treated equally. Here the rich and the poor sit in the same row to take same types of dishes. These kitchens are run by the money earned honestly. If you earn honestly and from that earning feed the needful person, then will feel more satisfied than the gold produced from your this box.'

Hearing these words of Guru, Gusaai was enlightened. This incident influenced all the devotees sitting there. They learnt that the gold, silver and wearer of these ornaments were false. Simple living and truthful earning was better than the false kings and crafty land lords Gusaai Dev became the sikh of Guru and made up his mind to live there for good.

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