Caretaking of Inheritence

When Guru Nanak Dev made Guru Angad Dev his successor then He also handed over him a manuscript. This was the treasure of Divine Hymns written by Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Nanak also advised him to prepare more copies of that manuscript in order to distribute to the prominent Sikhs.

In order to preach the philosophy and teachings of that manuscript Guru Angad used to hold a Darbar daily. In the Darbar Sata and Balwand recited the Hymns of Guru Nanak. The Guru also addressed the congregation and taught them about the principles of Sikhism.

He also wrote Hymns and compiled those in the form of another Granth.

In those days in Madrasas and Pathshalaas Persian and Sanskrit was taught. Punjabi was considered a language of common folk.

Guru Nanak decided to write in the language of common people and also adopted folk alphabet so that His message might reach to one and all. He proved that Punjabi language and alphabet was not inferior to other languages and alphabets and wrote such verses which are still considered to be cream of world poetry.

At that time Gurmukhi script was considered unfit for writing higher literature. But Guru made this script of Gurmukhs, so later on this came to be knows as Gurmukhi.

Guru Angad developed these alphabet further and opened schools for the teachings of Punjabi language and Gurmukhi script.

The Guru made it compulsory for all Sikhs to learn Gurmukhi, so that they could read Gurbani. So the Guru adopted a unique method of planning for the expansion of Sikhism,

The life history of Guru Nanak was also a great inheritance of Sikhs. So the Guru thought to write the complete life story of Guru Nanak.

Guru Angad had stayed for seven years at Kartarpur and He was used to hear the interesting journeys of Guru Nanak. There was also a sikh known as Bhai Bala who had seen the life history of Guru Nanak with his own eyes.

At Sultanpur Lodhi there lived a Bhai Paira Mokha. He was an old sikh of Guru Nanak. He was well versed in writing Gurmukhi neatly. In his life he had written many copies of Guru's works.

Whenever Guru Nanak visited Sultanpur Lodhi he used to meet Him and heard interesting episodes of long journeys of the Guru.

Bhai Mardana was also his great friend and he used to tell him in detail about all the worth mentioning incidents. So Guru Angad called Bhai Paira Mokha, Bhai Bala and Baba Budha in order to write the Janam Sakhis.

Every Sakhi was first discussed in detail and then it was dictated to Bhai Paira Mokha. The whole Janam Sakhi was completed within a year.

Then Guru Angad prepared more copies of that manuscript.

The language of these stories is so sweet and interesting that young or old not even enjoy it but also learn useful lessons.

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