Baba Amardas Ji

Baba Amar Dass belonged to village Basarke, District Amritsar. He was a very religious man and used to go to Hardwar every year. Once when he was coming from Hardwar he met Pandit Durga Dass.

On the way when he lay down to take rest, Pandit saw a sign of Padam in the feet of the Baba Amar Dass.

Pandit said, 'The Padam in your feet predits that either you would be a King or Divine Master.

Next day Baba Amar Dass met a celibate. The celibate was very influenced to see the grand personality of Baba Amar Dass.

The celibate said, 'O Great man! Who are your Guru and what is his name?'

Baba Amar Dass replied that he had been searching the Guru, but still he was without Guru.

When the celibate heard these words of Baba, he at once went away and said, 'I don't accompany the Guru less.'

These hard words of celibate wounded the heart of Baba Amar Dass. His life became worthless and was always thinking about the words of celibate. He tried very hard to find a true Guru.

But his desire remained unfulfilled. The daughter of Angad Dev, Bibi Amro had been married to nephew of Baba Amar Dass. The name of his brother was Manak Chand and they lived as neighbours.

Bibi Amro daily recited the hymns of Guru Nanak. Baba Amar Dass daily heard the recitation of Hymns. He was very influenced to hear such sweet Hymns.

One day he did not hear the sweet melody of the hymns. He asked about this from the wife of his brother.

His brother's wife replied, 'Father of Bibi Amro is Guru Angad Dev. He has become successor of Satguru Nanak. Bibi Amro recites the Hymns of Guru Nanak. Today she has gone to Khadur Sahib to meet his father.'

Baba Amar Dass felt very happy. When Bibi Amro returned back to Basarke then he asked her about his father. He told Bibi Amro that he wanted to meet his father.

Bibi Amaro agreed and she accompanied him and they both reached Khadur Sahib.

Baba Amar Dass and Bibi Amaro met Guru Angad and bowed before the Guru with folded hands.

Baba Amar Dass stayed there for few days and he was very much influenced to see the service of the Sikhs. He also attended the Darbar and heard the sweet musical recitation of the Guru.

Then he returned back to Basarke and told the members of his family that he had made up his mind to live at Khadur Sahib. Then he came back at Khadur Sahib and made himself absorbed in the service of the Guru.

He made it a routine to go to river Beas to bring fresh water. Then he helped the Guru to have bath. Then he used to recite Japji Sahib.

After that he attended the Darbar. He also went to the school to learn Gurmukhi.

He was so fond of Guru that whenever he was free he remained near the Guru to serve him one way or the other.

He had also great respect for the Gurbani. It was his great desire to learn by heart all the hymns and Banees of Guru Nanak.

Attending the school daily, he became well versed in Gurmukhi. He could not only read the writings of others, but became so expert in Gurmukhi that he could write Gurbani fluently.

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