Merger With Supreme Light

Baba Amar Dass absorbed himself in the service of the Guru. He used to go to the river Beas for His bath. He recited the Jap ji during his journey and always carried a pitcher on his shoulder. He never cared about the weather, whatever the situation might be he brought water for the Guru's bath.

One day when Baba Amar Dass was coming back with his pitcher from river Beas his foot struck against the peg of a loom and he fell. But he didn't let the pitcher fall of his shoulders.

When in the dark pitch night weavers heard the sound of a fall of a man, they woke up. The weaver told his wife that somebody had fallen in hole of the loom.

His wife said, 'It must be Amaro homeless, otherwise who can be out in such a stormy night? '

Baba heard these words of the weaver's wife and said, 'I am not homeless, I have a Guru.'

Then he took his way and reached the abode of Guru. Then Guru Angad had a bath and busy in the dialy prayers.

After the prayers He called Baba Amar Dass and asked him about the incident.

Baba Amar Dass said, 'O my Guru! What can I tell you, you are intuitive, and you know everything.'

Then the Guru smiled and said, 'The weaver's mad wife has called you homeless but that woman does not know that you are, ‘Home for the homeless, a refuge for the refugees. The strength of the weak, and protector of unprotected.'

When the Guru said these words, Weaver's wife went mad.

Weaver at once went to the Guru and told him about the incident. He requested the Guru to pardon his mad wife.

Then Guru said, 'The peg against which Baba Amar Dass foot struck, will become a green tree and weaver's wife will become sane.'

Then Guru Angad concluded that He had found his successor.

Baba Amar Dass would become true spiritual leader of the Sikhs.

Next day He summoned all his loyal Sikhs and Himself took water and bathed Baba Amar Dass.

Dressing him in new clothes, He got him seated on his trone. Placing five paisas and a coconut before him, He asked Baba Budha to mark Tilak of Guruship on his forehead.

Then He bowed before Him.

Then the Guru said, 'Baba Amar Dass is Guru Amar Dass now. He will be Guru after me.'

Then He merged his soul with the supreme light.

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