Sacred Hymn

When he rushed forward, he found that Bhai Jodha of his village was taking bath in the tank and was singing the sacred hymns. He listened the hymns for a while those produced strange effect on his mind.

At that time Bhai Jodha was reciting the Pauri 21 of Asa Di Vaar:

'Every contemplate that Lord, by serving Whom happiness is found.

Why do you endeavour to do evil deeds, as you have to suffer for that.

You should not do evil at all, look ahead by taking a long view of life.

Throw your dice in sucha a manner, that you do not lose the game with Lord.

Direct your endeavour as may bring you some profit.'

Bhai Lehna had never heard such sacred hymns in praise of God. He used only to listen and sing songs in praise of Goddess.

He felt there was something greater than those Goddesses.

He then said to Bhai Jodha, 'My friend! From where have you learnt these devotional songs? I also want to learn these songs.'

Bhai Jodha replied, 'O great man! These devotional songs have been composed by Guru Nanak.'

Then he told him about the life of Guru Nanak. He also told him that Guru Nanak spoke the word of God as it came to him from God himself.

'Who recites or listens these hymns, gets a glimpse of the true God and crosses peacefully this worldly ocean.'

Bhai Lehna took great interest in his words and said again, 'My friend! Tell me where lives Guru Nanak? Can I see him?'

Bhai Jodha came out of the tank and said, 'Guru Nanak lives at Kartarpur in Kalanaur Pargana. He does not believe in creed or caste. He showers Name of God on all. At Kartarpur He has been doing farming on co-operative basis. All devotees work in the fields and all take meals in one kitchen. There are all equal. I have also served there for some time. He has written thousands of hymns. I have also learnt a few by heart.'

On hearing such words of Bhai Jodha, Bhai Lehna became very anxious to see Guru Nanak. He made up his mind that year instead of going to Jawala Mukhi he would visit Kartarpur. He learnt some hymns from Bhai Jodha and felt a new spirit in reciting them.

Bhai Jodha also told Bhai Lehna that Sikhs of Guru Nanak believes only in One God. God does not exist in human or in any other form but He is the Supreme Spiritual Power. He is not like the Gods or Goddesses who have fear, enmity and anger, but He is without fear because none is as great as He is. He is creator of all and is not subject to anyone. His command and his law prevail all over the universe. God, the Supreme Being is immortal. He is without any mark, color, creed and caste. No one can give any explanation of his form, dress, outline and complexion. God's form is stable and He is self-illuminated with immeasurable powers. God is King of million Kings and King of Gods and Goddess.

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