Satgur Darshan

Bhai Lehna had a great fondness for keeping horses of good breed. As he was a businessman so he had go to the nearby villages to realize dues.

He had been going to Jawala Mukhi every year, so a good horse was a great necessity. That year he decorated his horse very beautifully. He led the party of Durga worshippers. But actally he had decided to go to Kartarpur.

Durga worshippers were singing songs in praise of the Goddess. But Bhai Lehna was calm and silent. He was absorbed in his own thinking. He was realizing the holy appearance of Guru Nanak Dev in his own imagination.

They spent the night at Kalanaur. Next day Bhai Lehna took his horse and drove towards Kartarpur. He was so much engrossed in his thoughts that he could not realize when he reached at the bank of river.

After crossing the river he saw a new village. When he reached near the village he saw a well built, healthy and tall old man. He drove near the old man and asked the village and Guru Nanak's abode. That old man was Guru Nanak himself. Instead of pointing towards the residence of Guru Nanak, He asked him politely to follow Him.

Guru Nanak guided him and Bhai Lehna, riding on the horse, followed Him. When they reached the Darbar of the Guru, pointing towards a peg, Guru Nanak asked him to tie his horse. Guru Nanak Himself entered His room. He sat on His seat where He generally used to meet His devotees.

Bhai Lehna asked from a sikh about the whereabouts of Guru Nanak. The sikh told him about the room of the Guru.

But when Bhai Lehna entered the room he was astonished to see that the same old man who had led him the way, was Guru Nanak himself. Bhai Lehna was filled with shame and remorse. He was feeling sorry because he was riding on a horse, when Guru Nanak was walking before him. Guru Nanak could read the condition of his mind.

He said, 'Don't feel sorry, you did nothing wrong.'

The Guru asked his name. Bhai Lehna told that he was Lehna.

Hearing this Guru Nanak smiled and said, 'Your name speaks that you are a creditor and I have to pay to you. The creditors always come on horses to realize their money.'

But Bhai Lehna said, 'O my Lord! I am your servant please allow me to serve you.'

Then Guru Nanak said, 'Bhai Lehna! True service is service of God and service of mankind. God Himself confers grace on such servants and they obtain the true Divine Knowledge. This Divine Knowledge is obtained by worship of God. Those who believe in idols are in the darkness. Only God is sole creator of this universe. First God created Himself then He created His Name after that He created Nature. All is known to God. He gives us life and according to His Will takes it back. He has created all Gods and Goddesses. So why should we bow before such Gods, who have been created by God. We should believe only in One God. He alone is without fear. But He has recorded the destiny of fear over the head of all.'

Bhai Lehna was enchanted on hearing these words of Guru Nanak. He was completely changed. He realized that he had found his goal. The worship of idols was useless.

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