The True Sikh

A glimpse of Guru Nanak, changed Bhai Lehna completely and he made up his mind to spend the rest of his life in the service of the True Guru.

He dropped the idea of visiting Jawala Mukhi. He spent the night in the guest room of Guru Nanak and next day early in the morning reached Kalanaur to see his friends. He told them about his verdict.

He said, 'My friends! You can proceed to visit Jawala Mukhi, but I have reached my destination and I have resolved to stay here for the rest of my life.'

His friends went towards Jawala Mukhi. He back at Kartarpur and became devout Sikh of Guru Nanak.

He stayed for many days at Kartarpur. One day he decided to go to his village Sanghar in order to get prermission his family and friends. He thought that they might be worried about his long absence. Reaching Sanghar he told about his mission to his wife, children and othe friends. He handed over his business to his sons Daatu and Daasu.

One day he took a big load of salt and some clothes and set out towards Kartarpur.

When he reached Kartarpur he placed heavy piece of salt in the common kitchen and asked from other Sikhs about the whereabouts of Guru Nanak.

They told him that the Guru was working in the fields. He did not care to take rest but at once rushed towards the fields.

There he saw that the Guru had cut a large bundle of grass for cattle. But grass had become wet due to rain. But Bhai Lehna did not mind for the wetness of the grass. He at once requested the Guru to help him to lift the heavy bundle. He helped in placing the bundle on his head and Bhai Lehna marched towards Guru's abode.

At that time Bhai Lehna was wearing precious silk clothing. As he walked, water dripped from the soily bundle of grass. The muddy water spoiled his precious clothes.

When they reached home Mata Sulakhani said to Guru, 'It does not look proper as you have asked this young man to carry the muddy grass on his head. His silk suit has become dirty by dripping the muddy drops of water.'

But the Guru replied, 'This is not mud, but these are drops of Saffron, which had made Silky suit of Bhai Lehna even more beautiful.'

When Mata Sulakhani saw again towards Bhai Lehna she was amazed to see that clothes had really changed to Saffron.

Bhai Lehna settled at Kartarpur. He was doing all types of services.

Once due to continuous raining, one wall of the house fell.

Guru Nanak asked his sons and other Sikhs to build the wall at once. But as it was night the Sikhs requested the Guru that they would construct it the next day.

But when Guru asked Bhai Lehna to do it, he at once started to build the wall.

Once Guru Nanank accompanied by his Sikhs and sons, was walking through the streets of Kartarpur. Suddenly a cup carried by Guru Nanak, slipped into a dirty ditch.

When Guru Nanak asked his sons and other Sikhs to bring out the cup from the dirty water, no one dared to enter the dirty ditch.

But Bhai Lehna at once entered the ditch and brought out the cup. After cleaning the cup carefully handed over it to Guru.

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