Mai Virai

Guru Nanak was used to bathe in the river Raavi. Bhai Lehna always accompanied him. He kept the clothes of Gru Nanak with him while the Guru bathed.

One day three other Sikhs of the Guru also decided to go with the Guru. But it was a very cold night and a severe hail storm encircled the river. Those three Sikhs could not bear the chilly weather and they returned home secretly.

When Guru Nanak came out of the river he saw Bhai Lehna alone sitting there.

He said to Bhai Lehna, 'Other Sikhs have shifted to safe places, but why have you been sitting here alone.'

Bhai Lehna replied humbly, 'It is a duty of servant to remain with his master in thick or thin.'

One day Guru Nanak, Bhai Lehna and other Sikhs were passing through a jungle. On their way they found a car case lying nearby. Guru Nanak stopped near car case and asked his Sikhs to eat it. The Sikhs were astonished to hear such a command. They did not dare to eat it.

But Bhai Lehna readily accepted the offer and asked Guru Nanak that from which side he should start to eat the body. The Guru ordered him to start eating from the side of the feet.

But when Bhai Lehna removed the sheet, they were astonished to see that there was no car case, but instead pleasant edible material was placed neatly.

All such trials confirmed and convinced Guru Nanak that He had found a true successor in the form of Bhai Lehna.

One day in the congregation of the Sikhs He said, 'Bhai Lehna has now become part of my body and henceforth he would be called Angad Dev.'

After that He seated Him on His throne and placed five copper coins and a coconut before Him.

Baba Budha put the tilak mark of Guruship on His forehead.

Then Guru Nanak bowed before Guru Angad dev.

All were amazed to see it the Guru Nanak who in His whole life had never bowed before Him.

Then all Sikhs paid there reverence and bowed before Guru Angad Dev turn by turn.

Then Guru Nanak asked Guru Angad Dev to shift to his native village. Though Guru Angad Dev was reluctant to leave the company of Guru Nanak, but He obeyed the order of His master.

At the time of His departure Guru Nanak handed over Him a book. He advised Him that He should read that book and also prepare more copies of that book in order to distribute to His Sikhs.

He also told Him that first He should stay in the house of Mai Virai for some days.

Mai Virai was daughter of Landlord Takhat Mal who was owner of sixty villages. She has seven brother so was called Sat Bharai, which later on was abridges as Virai.

She was the same lady, who had played a major role in arranging the marriage of Guru Angad Dev at Sanghar.

Once when Guru Nanak visited the village of Sanghar then Mai Virai requested the Guru to stay in her house. At that time Guru Nanak promised that He would come soon to stay in her house.

Guru Angad Dev reached the house of Mai Virai and told her about the new developments.

He informed her that He would say in her house secretly and she should not tell others about Him at any cost.

She obeyed the order of the Guru and did not leak the presence of the Guru in her house. She served him happily.

Guru Angad Dev was staying secretly in the house of Mai Varai. He was meditating on the Name of God.

But the Sikhs felt worried as they could not find the whereabouts of the Guru. They were very anxious to have a glimpse of their dear Guru.

At last they gathered and went to the village of Baba Budha ji and related him their grief. Baba Budha was himself worried as he could not meet the Guru since six months. But one thing he knew that the Guru might still he residing in the house of Mai Varai.

In the meantime he had met Mata Kheevi ji, the wife of Guru Angad Dev in order to know about the residence of the Guru. But Mata was herself ignorant about all this. She had gone in the house of Mai Varai, but the old woman always replied in the negative.

Whoever asked Mai Varai about the Guru, she gave only one reply, 'The Guru Himself knows about Himself, who am I to tell you about Him.'

But Baba Budha ji was confident that the Guru must be in her house. So he took five Sikhs and rababi Balwand with him.

When they reached Sanghar Baba Budha ji asked her about the Guru, she again refused.

But hearing from her same patent reply, Baba Budha became more confident.

Baba Budha said, 'If you don't want to tell about the Guru, we know very well to find him.'

Then he asked Bhai Balwand to tune his rebeck and to recite a hymn of Guru Nanak.

Bhai balwand recited a hymn of Guru Nanak in a very sweet and loud voice.

When Guru Angad Dev heard the voice of Bhai Balwand reciting a holy hymn of Guru Nanak He came outside and stood in the gate. He was towards Baba Budha and other Sikhs.

He smiled and very happily said, 'You have found the way how to locate the Guru. The recitation of the hymn of the Guru Nanak has such a power that no man on earth could resist it. It has got such a charming power that even dead souls become alive.'

Then at the request of Baba Budha, He agreed to go with them in order to see the Sikhs.

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