Khadur Sahib

Baba Budha suggested Guru Angad dev ji that in order to preach sikhsims we must construct a Residential House or Dharamsala.

For this purpose we have a one high piece of land that belongs to a Sikh of Guru Nanak.

As that land is high there is no worry about rainy water. The Sikhs of all India who used to go to Kartarpur would be reverted to Khadur Sahib.

So they all went to Khadur Sahib and constructional work started.

The uninhabited place was converted into a centre of religious activities.

Daily the people gathered to hear the hymns of Guru Angad Dev. People from far and near started to visit Khadur Sahib.

Day by day the number of devotees increased and Guru Angad Dev very popular all over India.

That was the period when people were faciing many problems due to political uncertainity. King Humayun was defeated and King SherShah Soori was busy in consolidating his position. So for common people only source of relief was Guru Angad Dev.

They came there to solve their domestic problems and sought His advice and solution. The people were feeling relieved on hearing the Gurbani. They were also enlightening their souls by reciting the Bani themselves. During the Darbar the Guru used to clear the meanings of the Gurbani.

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