Mata Kheevi Ji

Mata Kheevi ji wife of Guru Angad Dev, was mother of two sons and two daughters. She always advised her sons and daughters to serve the Sikhs. She also helped them to learn the hymns of Guru Nanak by heart. Due to her persuasion her daughters crammed even the very lengthy hymns.

In her life Mata Kheevi had never opposed the activities of Guru Angad Dev.

When Guru Angad Dev went to Kartarpur to serve Guru Nanak, she never opposed. She herself performed the duties as a head of the house. The business even more flourished in her command.

When Bhai Lehna baptized Sikhism, she also became a true sikh. She used to recite hymns of Guru Nanak day and night. She learnt the way of living and always remained contended in the grace of God.

She made it her anthem that service of mankind is service of god. So she was remaining always happy and cheerful while serving in Langar.

When Bhai Lehna becamse as Guru Angad Dev and stayed in the house of Mai Varai she felt restless.

She was very eager to see her husband as a Guru. She went to the house of Mai Varai but could not see her true Guru. She was confident that He had been staying in the house of Mai Varai but she did not abused Mai Varai and even never tried to search her house.

When Baba Budha ji made Guru Angad Dev known to all then she at once went to the house of Mai Varai and fell at the feet of the Guru.

The Guru smiled and helping her to get up and said, 'Now you have become the mother of all, try to serve all. Guru Nanak has showered his blessings on you and he has imparted you the Divine Word and the Divine Word helps you to get salvation.'

At Khadur Sahib, one side the Guru was showering the spiritual teachings to the people, on the other side Mata Kheevi ji was supplying rich food to the Sikhs. She was made incharge of the langar and her duty was to supply food to all irrespective of caste or creed.

Mata Kheevi used to get up early in the morning and after performing religious rites she attended the kitchen.

Though there were other other sewadars also to prepare and serve the food, but Mata Kheevi himself prepared the vegetables and other dishes. She was keeping a watch in order to make it certain that all had been served according to their requirements.

Bhai Balwand Rababi writes, 'Rice prepared in ghee, were served to all.'

Mata ji was a source of enlightenment for all.

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