Humayun heard about Guru Nanak Dev ji. At Lahore Humayun got information from his courtiers that Guru Nanak had let this world and his successor Guru Angad Dev, was living at Khadur Sahib.

Humayun decided to proceed towards Khadur Sahib to meet Guru.

When Hymanyun reached Khadur Sahib he was astonished to see the grandeur of the great Guru.

At that time the Guru was delivering his Divine sermons and his followers were listening him very carefully. When the Emperor tried to enter the Diwan Hall the sewaks stopped him. He felt offended and in fit of rage entered into the Diwan Hall forcefully and stood before the Guru.

Instead of bowing before the Guru, he put his hand on the hilt of his sword and drew it out in order to attack the Guru. He was so enraged that he wanted to cut off the head of Guru.

Then the Guru smiled and said, 'Where was your sward at that time when you faced Sher Shah Suri? You did not dare to draw this sword out of your scabbard there. If you are so brave you should have cut off the head of Sher Shah Soori with this sword. It is not an act of bravery to draw sword on Faqirs. You left the battle field as a coward, and now showing us your bravery.'

Hearing these words Humayun put back his sword in the scabbard.

At that time the learned sister of Humayun was also with him. She bowed before the Guru and requested Him to pardon Humayun. Humayun also saluted the Guru respectfully. He felt ashamed for such foolish action. He requested the Guru for his spiritual assistance.

The Guru said, 'Those rulers who forget God and crush the poor are deprived of all powers. If you want to get your kingdom again then you should show kindness to your subjects and always be cordial. God blesses those who bless others.'

Hearing these words of Guru Humayun felt pleased and left for Lahore with his sister and other ministers.

After meeting with the Guru, Humayun felt himself changed. He realized that he was coward and that had been the main reason for his defeat. He perceived that only those were brave, who had faced the enemy greater than them. It was an act of great cowardice to draw a sword to kill a faqir, who was unarmed and harmless.

Those words of Guru transformed him in such a way that he again became the King of India.

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