Bhai Mahna

Bhai Mahna a devout Sikh of the Guru was serving in the Langar. He was a very hard working man and always remained engrossed in his duty. But due to his hard work he became conceited and realized that there was none else more hardworking sewak in the Darbar of Guru.

Though he was doing his duty well, but he became very rude and didn't hesitate to abuse other Sikhs.

When the hungry Sikhs used to ask him for meals, he cursed them saying, 'I am not your servant, and I am servant of only one Guru. Go away I can't serve people of your rank.'

They complained to Guru about the misbehavior of Bhai Mahna.

The guru called Bhai Mahna and advised him to treat all Sikhs alike. He also told him to mend his behavior attitude.

But hearing such words from the Guru, Bhai Mahna became even rasher. He cursed and abused the Sikhs that they had complained against him to the Guru. He became so conceited and rude that instead of serving the Sikhs according to their needs, he asked them to go to the Guru to take their necessary items,

Then Sikhs again complained to Guru.

This time the Guru called a congregation and summoned Bhai Mahna.

Before the congregation the Guru said to Bhai Mahna, 'I don't need your services. You should leave the Langar and go to your home. Your services have become useless because who doesn't serve the sangat doesn't serve me. I only recognized the services of those followers, who instead of serving me serve the devotees.

Addressing the congregation he emphasized. 'First duty of the sikh is to serve the needful. He should serve the sangat becoming lowest of the lowest. One who feels proud of his service, is in darkness. God has created all men equal. All castes are equal. There is none high or low. In reality is low in his mind is higher and greater. Humility even wins over enemies.'

These words of Guru changed the life of Bhai Mahna and after that he became a very humble servant of all.

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